The Past, Present, and Future of Start9

the beginning

Start9 Labs founded


early days

EmbassyOS v0.1.0

  • Services Marketplace
  • One-click installs of open source, self-hosted software


  • Bitcoin Core
  • Bitwarden
  • Cups messenger
2020 Q1 / Q2

laying the foundation

EOS v0.2.0

  • UI self-hosted on Embassy
  • Automated dependency management
  • User-generated private keys
  • User-generated passwords
  • Service data backups
  • Wifi credentials for additional networks
  • Many more 'under-the-hood' upgrades


  • File Browser

Consulate Browser released

2020 Q3

forging lightning

EOS v0.2.5

  • Radical new dependency management and configuration system


  • BTC Proxy
  • LND
  • C-Lightning
  • Ride the Lightning
  • Spark Wallet
  • Burn After Reading
2020 Q4

entering the fediverse

EOS v0.2.10

  • LAN support
  • Service Actions
  • User-generated private keys
  • User-generated passwords


  • Mastodon
  • BTCPay Server

Team expanded

2021 Q1

new use-cases


  • Sphinx Chat
  • Embassy Pages
  • Photoview

Further team expansion

2021 Q2

rebirth of embassyos

EOS v0.3.0

  • Complete OS overhaul
  • External drive support
  • OS / Service data segregation
  • New streamlined setup, migration, backup, & recovery processes
  • Many, many more details coming soon


  • Thunderhub
  • See wishlist below...
2021 Q3

coming soon...

EOS v0.3.x

  • Additional storage features
  • Additional networking options
  • Data encryption
  • Remote backups
  • Non-Anonymous Hidden Services

Expected Services*

  • Bitcoin Wallet Tracker
  • Mempool.Space
  • Monero
  • See wishlist below...
2021 Q4

on the horizon

New Embassy form factor

Expected Services*

  • Nextcloud
  • Wireguard
  • PiHole
  • See wishlist below...
2022 Q1

current research & development

New devices

Multi-Embassy syncing

Advanced networking & mesh capabilities

2022 and Beyond

*Start9 Services Wishlist

It is difficult to predict new service releases as some are released in an on-demand fashion, others might be determined to be a good or bad fit in the moment, and still others can be packaged up by community developers at any time! We do pay close attention to the community's desire for certain services, which can be monitored on this unofficial list.


  • Firefox Sync server
  • IPFS
  • Home Assistant
  • Conduit Matrix implementation
  • Zeronet
  • Wordpress
  • Plex Media Server


  • 2FA hardware key servers
  • Bitcoin mixing
  • Wikis / notes
  • Security camera monitoring
  • Search engine

To better understand the full potential of Embassy, check out this list of self-hosted services. All of these open-source projects can be made to work with the Start9 Labs Embassy platform.

Is there a particular service you want to see? Contact us and let us know.