Get Ready For 0.3.0

new hardware needed

EmbassyOS 0.3.0 is a major improvement upon the 0.2.x series. If you choose to update, you will need to get your hands on some new hardware, including an external hard drive. If you still have questions after reading this page, please check out our dedicated v0.3.0 FAQ.

Option 1

Purchase the official 0.3.0 Upgrade Kit from Start9. As a thank you to existing customers, we are selling this kit at cost and with free shipping to US customers.

Option 2

Purchase or re-use your own hardware:

  • A 16GB microSD card (no need for bigger). If you have ABSOLUTELY NO data to migrate, you may choose to re-use the card already in your Embassy.
  • A microSD → USB adapter, or a computer that can take a microSD directly.
  • A powered USB 3.0 hub. Any kind will work as long as it has its own power supply and is USB 3.0; we recommend 4 USB ports.
  • An external hard drive (1TB minimum, 2TB recommended). Any HDD, SSD, or M.2 with USB (native or with enclosure) will work. MUST CONNECT OVER USB 3.0