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How can you help?

Start9 will not become a monolithic trusted third party, and to that end, we need your help! Only with a strong community can this project be successful. One of the most important things an individual can do to help the movement is to spread the word about Sovereign Computing and help others learn how to declare their own independence. We also have a variety of other opportunities - choose one based on your skill-set!

Community Support Techs

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We take support and education extremely seriously at Start9. We need motivated and passionate individuals to help us scale our highly-rated community support team. If accepted, there will be mandatory training which will teach you to be a StartOS expert as well as an empathetic first responder. During slow support days, there will be opportunities to assist with beta testing, quality assurance, and more. This program will be constantly expanding, with application periods occurring approximately once per year.


A passion for Freedom-principled technologies. Basic computing skills are needed. Linux, sysadmin, or devops experience is a bonus. Empathy and patience are important to successfully guide those struggling with frustrating issues.


This will be a contracted position, and acceptance into this program will grant you the right (but not the obligation) to sign up for and cover support shifts. These shifts will be on-demand and first come, first serve.


Do what you love. Get paid in Bitcoin. Get early access to the bleeding edge of Sovereign Computing.

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We thrive on user feedback! Write reviews or blog posts on Medium, Ghost, Substack, Reddit, Mastodon, Twitter, NOSTR, or others. It may not seem like it, but a single review can teach us a lot, or help others understand the mission. As these reviews add up, we can become more aware of pain points and popular requests. Whether you believe in our ethos, had a good experience with a support call, or want to do a full unboxing / test / review / how-to, ALL feedback is valuable and helps spread the message at the same time!

Content Creation

Online content is incredibly powerful. Whether you are a professional creator or this is your first time, it is certain that you will bring unique value to others. Here are some ways to spread the word:


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Are you a great communicator and a fan of Sovereign Computing? Consider our affiliate program! You'll get a unique affiliate code to pass along to your audience, and get a kickback (if you choose). Email us at for details.


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If you have Rust or Typescript skills, and are interested in doing OS development, please checkout the contribution guide. If you are interested in packaging a service, please check out our developer documentation. To report a security vulnerability, please email