Take back control

Everything you do online is intermediated - your actions permissioned, your data custodied.

Opt out by running a private server.

Previously, this was only available to the tech savvy and the wealthy. Start9 levels the playing field by making it possible for everyone else.

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Just as Windows and macOS made it possible for anyone to own a personal computer, StartOS makes it possible for anyone to own a personal server.

StartOS facilitates the entire process of discovering, installing, configuring, and using any variety of open-source software from anywhere in the world without trusting anyone.

StartOS is the distribution platform open source software has been waiting for. Check out the source code!

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Cloud computing

The "cloud" is just someone else's computer. Your cell phone and laptop are just remote controls. You are not in control.

In the cloud computing paradigm, there is no privacy, censorship is commonplace, hacks are inevitable, and costs will forever rise.

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Sovereign computing

When you run a private server, you are in control. You don't rely on others to process or store your data.

In the sovereign computing paradigm, concerns over privacy, censorship, hacks, and fees practically disappear.

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Be your own everything

Anything you can do in the closed-source, intermediated, custodial, expensive model of cloud computing you can do in the open-source, self-hosted, private, and free model of sovereign computing.

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Become Bitcoin

Don't trust, verify.
Run a full Bitcoin node to verify transactions and enforce the consensus rules you choose.

Become Lightning

Not your keys, not your coins.
Run a Lightning node to take full control and custody over your Bitcoin payments.

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Become Unstoppable

When you run your own Bitcoin and Lightning nodes, you become your own bank and payment processor. Nobody can stop you from spending your money as you see fit, 24/7/365, from anywhere, to anywhere, instantly, and for free.

We got your back

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Start9's customer support is the best in the galaxy. Our team, composed of real humans, is here for you.

We provide the knowledge and context you need to feel confident in the world of sovereign computing.

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Package a service

Packaging a service for StartOS is a challenging, exciting, creative, and rewarding experience.

If it can be self-hosted, it can be run on StartOS.

Unleash your favorite open source project!

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